Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3rd meeting: 7.1.10

Once again, thanks to The Boys for letting us invade Woodshop for the 3rd meeting of the BTWC-SF. It's such an amazing space to get the creative juices, and (in Sarah's case) thumb-blood flowing! We had a great crew of whittlers this time, and we were very excited to welcome Neet and Brian to the club. They are recent transplants from the original BTWC in London, and we are so thrilled and delighted that a shared love of knives and sticks makes for such fast friends.

Brian: Focused.

Brian's mohawked-branch-totem-guy.

Derek's XXX smoker stopper.

Jen's super soft pouf cube.

Cut-Of-The-Week goes to Sarah this time. So symmetrical!

Lauren's spoonful of shavings.

Neet: Calm in mid-cut.

Neet proves you don't need a fancy knife to make a fancy quatrefoil.